Luis Ocon

Luis was born in Mexico in 1937. He came to American in 1964. He met Helen Ocon, a waitress, in 1966 while working as a bus boy. Luis and Helen were married in 1968. Luis adopted Helen’s four children, and then they had a fifth child of their own. Luis has been a Linotype Operator since he was 13 when he secretly taught himself the art at night while working in a newspaper office in Mexico City. Luis became a U.S. citizen in 2000.


Brooks Ocon

Brooks has been printing and designing for almost 40 years. He is also skilled as a Linotype Operator and has special skills in custom mixing ink colors. He joined Luis in 1976 right after high school. Brooks is a perfectionist and finds satisfaction in helping our clients create a product they feel reflects a little bit of who they are. His favorite in-house mixed ink is “Platinum Blonde” and his favorite typeface is Artcraft. His favorite place in Los Angeles is Langers (where he orders lunch quite frequently).


Bill Berkuta
Master Printer

Bill has been working in various aspects of the printing industry for over 45 years and has been with Aardvark for more than two decades. Bill not only has a deep knowledge of letterpress printing and press machinery, but has an unmatched passion for the craft. Standing 6’ 8” Bill towers over almost everything in the shop. Bill is also a mechanic and sound engineer. He loves all the in-house mixed ink colors and house typefaces. His favorite place in LA is Patty’s restaurant, where he loves eating breakfast (2 eggs, ham and pancakes).


Brandon Sanchez
Marketing Director

Brandon is our Marketing Director and is a third-generation member of the Aardvark Family. As the newest addition to the team, he is no stranger to the shop. He grew up around the shop, watching his grandfather and uncles in awe as they created beautiful prints. Brandon came to Aardvark after living in Washington, D.C. for six years where he studied at Georgetown University for his Masters in Marketing and worked for Gatorade and Athletes for Hope. His favorite in-house mixed ink color is “Kind of Blue” and in-house typeface is Helvetica. His favorite place in Los Angeles is Larchmont Village.


Cary Ocon
General Manager

Cary joined the family business in 2000. He dropped out of high school in 1979 and moved to Monterey, CA in 1980 where he discovered education. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1988 with a degree in Rhetoric. After working in the freight forwarding business for 2 years, he went to the University of Minnesota to study law. After practicing law for about 10 years (and not liking most of it), he was fortunate to rediscover his family’s business. His favorite typeface is Radiant Bold Condensed because it reminds him of Brian Eno during the “Here Come the Warm Jets” album.